Individuals Below The Poverty Line

A hand composed of multi-colored pixels holds a chunk of neighborhood as represented by colored data blocks.

We build and use digital tools like this to help us understand data. This is census data for the Richmond, VA, metro area (hometown of VCU).

What is Digital Sociology and why VCU? Avatar of faculty member Tressie McMillan Cottom.

Line chart graph overlay showing the happiness index by weekday based on Twitter sentiment over top of an image of crowd of people holding up mobile devices at night.

Master's of Science in Sociology with a concentration in Digital Sociology


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What will you do with your knowledge? Avatar of faculty member Liz Costen.

Bar graph overlay comparing male and female preferences in social media site usage over top of an image of person holding up mobile phone horizontally at night in a crowd of people. POV is from the person holding the mobile phone.

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